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Mr. Fusion
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November 10, 2002 — 17:00

Well, Brent came over on the weekend and we farted around a bit and actually
managed to successfully extract the electron gun from the miniature black and
white TV I bought just for this purpose.  It was actually pretty easy.

First, I carefully dismantled the set.  Very carefully.  I then cut
all the wires so that the tube could be separated from the rest of the TV set. 
Once we had the tube separated, we then violated the vacuum of the tube rather
simply.  Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures, but the procedure was very
easy.  On the very back of the tube, where the electrical socket plugs into
the tube itself, there is a small nipple of glass.  What you do is dress
appropriately (gloves, jacket and protective eye gear) and then use a pair of
pliers to snap off this nipple.  The air rushes in safely, and no glass
breaks.  There’s a video of some high school students doing it

went and cut the deflection yoke off the tube.  Note the use of safety
glasses and protective gloves – NOT.  Once we had the tube clean, we set
about filing a notch around the neck of the tube (pictures below and on the left).

a nice nick all the way around the tube neck, the glass snapped cleanly. 
No hotwire needed.  Maybe we just got lucky, but it all seemed very easy. 
So now we have a subminiature electron gun.  The idea is that we can easily
mount this inside a conflat nipple and just use an electrical feed through on
the back of the nipple.

I doubt we’ll need to use an electron gun – I think we can get by with a
simple diode.  But it was fun to pull the gun out of the TV, and we can
play around with this in the current set up in the bell jar.  I need to get
some electrical feed throughs and a gas connection so we can back fill the
chamber with the argon from my MIG welder.  It’ll be fun.

Brent seems thoroughly entranced with the fusion project and has been sucked
into my evil web.  Nice to have a partner on this project.

Ordered the icosa-chamber last week from Huntington.  Should have the
chamber in 10 weeks.  Fingers crossed. 

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