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November 17, 2002 — 17:06

Brent came over and we talked about Bussard’s patents, electron gun design, etc. 
I now have 4 circles cut and bent.  We tied three bow-ties together with
twine and it is surprisingly strong.  Geodesics always are, and it’s nice
to see that this one was no different.  But the three bow ties form the 
surprisingly accurate cage shown on the

cage is working out great.  Only six pieces, some easy bending and only
thirty welds.  I can keep the cage pieces aligned in the correct geometry
using copper wire to replace the twine that currently holds the folded great
circles together.  Thus making it far easier to accurately weld together.

The picture on the right
is what the great circles look like after I’ve worked out my forearm with the
shears.  The result is definitely dished, but surprisingly well formed. 
Brent was impressed with how accurate they were, despite having been cut with
shears.  Plasma cutting would definitely improve tolerances, but the cage
looks good enough for government work.

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