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Mr. Fusion
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October 12, 2002 — 16:48

got another two bars milled out for the edges of the cage today.  That
makes six total.  The new clamping is working like a champ and it goes much
faster.  I spent some time transferring the design of the ion gun from the
patent to Inventor.  Will still need some tweaking and it’s not complete. 
But it looks like it might work.

I got a nibble from my friend Brent regarding this project.  He knows a
lot more about electricity than I do, so I’m hoping he can at least do some
consulting for me, if not help build the electrical components for the system.

I packaged the entire
Inventor project
into a Zip file, rather than links to individual files. 
Not only were the links a pain to maintain, but Inventor and FrontPage were
doing their impression of "dueling locks".  This made everyone unhappy, so
I had to move all the files out from under control of FrontPage.

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