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First Vacuum
September 27, 2002 — 4:40

Well, I cracked vacuum tonight.  I had a wonderful birthday dinner for a
wonderful friend to attend to, so I didn’t have a terrible amount of time. 
I switched the 20 amp plug out for a normal 16 amp plug and had a mild heart
attack when I found red, black and blue wires.  <sigh>  Seconds later
I had figured out the obvious polarity (mind like a trap, I say) and had it
wired up.  Nice to see high amperage wire gauge again.  (tee hee).

you can see from this picture, I got the beast pumped down to 20 microtorr. 
This was after about an hour and a half on the turbo.  The chamber is too
big and the whole system needs to be baked for a couple of hours, but I’m pretty
happy.  I got down to 80 microtorr after about a half hour.  The system
pumped down to 100 microtorr very quickly – something like 15 minutes.  But I
think this will do until I build another chamber.  I may go down to Duniway
and see if they’ll take this chamber as a trade in for the original glass bell
jar that I was supposed to get with the system.  <sigh>  Shake and
bake time.

To the right is a picture of the magnets from doom.  I keep forgetting
about them sitting there on my table in the far corner.  I keep wanting to
put the camera down right on top of the box containing 20 of these guys. 
Geesh.  I need work.

So I laid out the bars and I’m going to start milling the 0.25" bar for the
cage.  That’ll be mildly entertaining.  I have to mill the bar at an
angle so the pieces fit oh so nice together.  Yep.  But that’ll be an
interesting set up.  Then I can start welding and getting the cage

I’ve thought more about the electron gun, and I think I’ll just buy a black
and white TV from K-Mart like Mike suggested.  My plan is to mount the
salvaged gun in a nice tube that mounts on one of the quick fit ports I have. 
That seems a heck of a lot easier than trying to build a mount completely in the
chamber like I originally thought would be easier.  <arg>  The tube
inside diameter is fairly small, so I’ll have to have decent focus and shift the
grid mount so a magnet hole is axial to the port.

I dug around and managed to find some old power supplies I hadn’t seen in a
while.  I was very pleased to find a nice HP 0-60V, 6 amp regulated DC power supply. 
More than enough to create some pretty pictures.  Tomorrow I have two
activities to attend so I won’t get to play until later in the evening. 

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