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Not quite vaccum
September 26, 2002 — 4:32

Well, I got the plastic port cover from Tap today. I got a 13″ square of Plexiglas, and boy is it heavy. I’ll cut it into a circle, and that should take off a pound or two. Geesh. One forgets how dense plastic is at times. I did forget to get a plug to retrofit the TOPs’ 30 amp socket. I’m kind of leery about replacing this, but I don’t think the system – as equipped will draw 30 amps.
But we’ll see. Since I had gas heating put in, I have all these useless electrical base board heaters in the house. They are all on separate circuits. I have to get an electrician in here and repurpose these circuits to a high amperage 220 circuit in the shop.
So without the correct plug, I’m not going to be able to crack the vacuum on the TOPs tonight. I had some errands to run after robot club and it’s pretty late now. No worries.

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