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Tim and Richard are still
February 15, 2003 — 17:31

Tim and Richard are still going strong on the ion gun front. 

their design and progress.  Looks pretty cool.  I can’t
wait to see the result.

Yesterday I got the 40 kV wire, the LabJack and the ceramic high voltage
stand offs.  SmallParts back
ordered the ceramic balls – figures.  So I spent the day trying to decipher
and learn LabVIEW…  Man, what a frickin’ complicated program.  But
I’m coming along okay.  It takes some getting used to, being dataflow and
graphical.  Normally I despise graphical programming languages, but it
really makes sense with LabVIEW.  We’ll see.

Not much else going on.  Tomorrow is the peace march in SF – today was
Chinese new year, and they bowed out in favor of the traditional celebration. 
Millions of people marched all over the world today, though.  Sorry to
bring politics in here, but it’s something important…  So tomorrow is
basically hosed.  Brent is coming over tomorrow night or Monday, so we’ll
mess around in the lab a bit.  I got some 15 kV 1 G ohm resistors, so we’ll
crank up the power supplies and do a load test.  Have been thinking quite a
bit about the gas subsystem.  Need to think much more.

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