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Check out this amateur lab. 
February 5, 2003 — 17:28

Check out

this amateur lab
.  This is a picture of Richard Hull and Tim Raney in a
planning session for development of an ion gun.  <heh>  Very cool. 
Another amazing thing about the web – i.e. community.  Phil and now Richard
and Tim doing serious research on amateur ion gun development.  Again, very

Me?  Well, I’m still straggling along.  Tonight I’m going to
construct a new cage out of the stainless steel pieces I got a while back. 
The problem with the mild steel cage I currently have – besides having to keep
it in a desiccated environment so it won’t rust – is the question of a magnetic
circuit.  The mild steel cage forms an incredibly complicated magnetic
circuit, which means I don’t stand a snow ball’s chance in analyzing this short
of using Deep Blue – not anything remotely possible.  Secondly, the
magnetic permeability significantly changes the magnetic fields which extend
outside the cage which are used to bottle up the electrons.  The second
follows from the first, but it’s significant in that the field flux lines are
concentrated in the mild steel, not distributed where I want them.  D’oh!

But I’m still going to use this cage for my first experiments.  I want
to see if I can use this cage as a normal, glow discharge fusor, just to see
what it can do.  It’ll be neat to see if I can produce neutrons from it. 
Should be able to, with no problems.  We’ll see.

Ordered the high voltage cable for the Bertan power supply.  Geesh. 
What a frickin’ monster.  One inch thick, 60 kV cable.  Very cool,
though.  It’ll be here "sometime".  Couldn’t get a hard date out of
Del, but who knows.  I’ve got more than enough to do in the mean time.

So…  Off to work after a glass of wine…

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