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Mr. Fusion
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Back from oblivion
July 6, 2003 — 9:49

Well, after a turgid couple of months, I’ve finally got time to start doing work on the beast again.
There’s been a couple of things that have happened that I didn’t blog about. On the left is the cage as mounted in the chamber. Click on the image for a larger picture. The magnets are all mounted, and the ceramic stand-offs have been attached. I actually got the detachable electrical connection to the feed through completed as well. Now all that awaits is the actual connection of the wires and a test of first plasma.
Well, that and a lot of work on electron guns and ion guns. From my simulations, I found that just the addition of the magnets on the charged cage is enough to increase the orbits of the ions by an order of magnitude at least. I say “at least” because my simulation is slightly asymmetric. Due to the chopping of space by cubes, the fields aren’t as symmetrical as I think the actual cage I constructed are.
In any event, the magnets do an excellent job of changing the momentum of the ion at the physical cage boundary. As you can tell from the potential field diagram, due to the inverse square law nature of electrical fields, there are huge wells leading right into the cage structure. The magnets, which have a field strength of 1.2 Teslas, provide just enough kick to the ions so that there momentum is changed just enough to avoid plunging down the potential gradient and grounding out on the cage structure.
Very cool.
Anyways, I got all the old site moved over, and the various pages linked in. Google should have these indexed and such so that queries for the documents won’t find the old site location.
On the right is the cage with magnets and stand-offs, sans chamber. Click on the image for a larger picture. It’s actually quite the pretty thing to look at. All shiny from the electropolishing n’ such…
The guys at Heat Wave labs still haven’t gotten back to me. Likely think I’m a wanker and they don’t want to waste their time with me… Oh well, I’ll have to phone them and talk to the guy in charge of their electron guns and cathodes.

July 3, 2003 — 12:53

Yi. Need to transfer more and my disk died…
Will have the old site transfered here soon…