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Magnetic Monopole
December 29, 2002 — 17:15

I posted an article a while ago on the news group

regarding ion acoustic standing waves in a spherically
contained plasma.  Basically, I wanted to find out what research had been
done in this area.  It’s been sitting there for several days without a
reply.  So I posted a more detailed message in

, hoping that perhaps that was a more appropriate
newsgroup.  The posting hasn’t showed up yet.  There might be some
problem with the moderator’s email, as nothing has shown up since Dec 24th. 
Oh well.  What’s strange about the lack of reply to my sci.physics.fusion
posting is just that.  Usually when someone posts something really stupid
on these forums, someone is always ready to point out the idiocy – sometimes
nicely, most of the time with a rather sharp pointy stick.  But nothing. 
Strange.  Hopefully my posting to the plasma newsgroup will produce some
response and some pointers.  I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to
find out all I can about analyzing and modeling these types of standing waves,
but to no avail.  It’s very strange.


Gyroradius Fun
December 17, 2002 — 17:12

Figured out why the
magnetic cage, combined with ion guns isn’t a problem for
Well, at least I’ve managed to fool myself into thinking it isn’t a problem.


Fusor.net Hacked!
December 12, 2002 — 17:09

Well, fusor.net got hacked.  It was
working last night.  Found the message "HACKED BY ION !!! Mad_Skater was
here !".  Hope the site was backed up or mirrored somewhere.  If not,
it will be a tremendous loss.