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Five Fold Symmetry
October 27, 2002 — 16:53

Well, I got two quotes on the custom chamber last week.  One was about
where I projected the cost to be, the other was about half again as much as the
first quote.  Obviously, there’s quite a range in the market place.


Head Scratching
October 20, 2002 — 16:50

After an exhausting week at work, I managed to get a few hours in on this
weekend into the fusion project.  I’ve been squirreling out some few hours
between builds and short regressions, as well as reading up on various things
that I need to learn about.


October 12, 2002 — 16:48

got another two bars milled out for the edges of the cage today.  That
makes six total.  The new clamping is working like a champ and it goes much
faster.  I spent some time transferring the design of the ion gun from the
patent to Inventor.  Will still need some tweaking and it’s not complete. 
But it looks like it might work.


Multipacting Patents
October 11, 2002 — 16:44

I simply love patents.  Kudos to the theory that we can grant short term
monopolies for publishing of the information.


Spherical Standing Waves
October 6, 2002 — 21:09

I posted the CAD repository, as it stands. 
Certainly need some more work, so be kind in your criticism.


October 5, 2002 — 21:01

Spent some time milling some of the quarter inch bar I’m using for the
chamber steel cage.  To build the cage, the pieces need to have half of the
dihedral angle of the cuboctahedron (125 degrees, 14 minutes).  Getting a
28 degree angle was, shall we say, interesting.  The required angle such
that two fit together correctly, is 27 degrees 46 minutes.  I have this
interesting 2 axis rotating vice which worked fine to get the angle, but how on
earth do I clamp it?  I ended up cutting a piece of an aluminum tube at the
correct height, and then using standard clamping at the end.  I was worried
that it wouldn’t be secure, but turned out fine.  Of course, the quarter
inch bars are a bit bent – it was cut from 12 foot lengths into 2 foot lengths. 
As the guy from Allen Steel was carrying them around to cut, they were naturally
oscillating and bending.  <sigh>  Kinda makes it a pain in the ass.

picture to the left is what the cage will look like assembled.  The edge
length of the cuboctahedron is 4.5" – to accommodate the magnets.

Won’t have time tomorrow to do anything as I’m helping a friend with her
garage sale.  Hopefully I’ll have enough time next week to get all 48 edges
cut out (2x per cuboctahedron edge) and ready to be welded.

A Larger Pump and More Ranting
October 4, 2002 — 20:59

Well I got the D-16B upgrade on the pump back home today.   Yee
gods, what a beast.  But it sucks like a…  well, let’s not be
graphically lewd.  Got the BFABJ swapped out for a 12" x 12" glass bell jar
and cage.  Much smaller volume and a lot less surface area.  The base
of the TOPS is a about 8 inches or so deep, so the total clearance is 12" x 20". 
More than enough room to to silly things.


Early Constraints
October 1, 2002 — 20:55

So here are some current calculations I’m using for the chamber.  The
radius of the confinement chamber is roughly the size of the gyro radius of the
deuterium ion with 10 kilo electron volts in a 3800 gauss field.  The
system is operating below the 10 cm radius limit given by Bussard, but it will
at least give me some room to maneuver inside the vacuum.  I won’t be
starting anywhere near 20 KeV, but that is the upper limit of the design.

Magnetic Field Strength


Electron Energy
(electron volts)




Gyro Radius

Electron 0.1256
D+ 7.5827

Had a lot of work to do today and got home late, so not much more fun… :(